“It is probably excellent to study the ancient masters to learn to paint, but this can only be a superfluous exercise if your goal is to understand the character of the present beauty.” - Charles Baudelaire

Baudelaire urges us to use our intuition as the answer— what feels to be true. When we question phenomena, events, and experiences, there is always this need to understand it through some conscious schema, while our ambiguous, often primeval notions are neglected for a more clear and unequivocal mode of thinking.

My work seeks the former: a pure form of human reasoning behind the everyday throws of life, where uncertainty and feeling reign true. I use stream of consciousness, spontaneous material experiments, ambiguous and serendipitous actions through an entirely intuitive process to deliver unseen flecked capacities.

The substance of my painterly writing is color. My color is like a body without organs. It would be remiss to call it a “system” or “structure,” instead the tones and palettes are blended and fused to elicit different temperatures, moods, and analogous imagery that are in dialogue with one another. Everyday objects, memories, observations, ephemeral movements, postures, urban landscapes, and history comprise the content of my work, yet the objet d’art is not my primary aim, rather the underlying material processes, initiation of actions, and unconscious mining make up my final products. While color generates fluid relationships in my work, the forms and constellations generate their energy where each shape possesses its own verb. Their instinctive placement and asystematic patterns capture a natural logic. We see geometry as shapes that function to fit and measure, yet my paintings break this standard. The work features ambiguous geometry in which color, robust forms, intuitive details, and process outplay linear and synchronic modes of painting.



B. 1989 in Paris (France)

Lives and works in New York



Hunter College, The City University of New York, MFA Studio Art - Concentration: Painting, 2017 - 2019

Central Saint Martins, BA Fine Art, 2012 - 2015

Central Saint Martins, Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, 2011 - 2012



- 'The Origin of Who U Are Right Now' curated by Simon Ganshorn, Copenhagen, 2018

-Fragments Of, The Blue Factory, London, 2015

- Show One, Central Saint Martins - Degree Show, London, 2015

- Magic Assemblage Magic Assembly, Translation, Petrie Museum, London, 2014

- Proprioception, Lewisham Arthouse, London, 2013



Kopenhagen Artguide

Andersens Contemporary

Akoya Books

Art Attack

Let’s Panic Magazine

The Culture Trip


-Forthcoming: Palazzo Monti Residency Program, Brescia, Italy


Clyde & Co Art Prize - Shortlisted