Jean-François Le Minh’s current practice engages with the discourse

surrounding the status of painting today and its atemporality in relation

to conceptualism. The recent paintings push the boundaries of what constitutes

painting and, specifically, what comprises art.Traditional oil paints are mixed with spray

paint, acrylic, enamel, thermoplastic, American stationary and the debris of the studio:

paper towels, gum wrappers and dried waste. 

A growing interest for the observation and often appropriation of found mixed material

has been keys-components in his studio practice. They shape a certain kind of pre-

determined abstract physical formulation essential to edit the surface on the canvas. 

Jean-François Le Minh has been concerned with what painting and sculpture can be or

might be in our current society. He has chosen to start developing a language of his own.

Composed of traces, marks, and interventions on the canvas’ surface. Through acquiring

traditional techniques but also with an ability and aspiration to redefine and challenge

some of the technicality in painting. By composing his own mixtures and constituting

particular textures and colors.

The painterly writing and its three-dimensional sculptural expansion are both the

product of rhythmic action and a search for forms under the influence of time with the

intention of directly engaging with a language of painting instead of an appropriation of

its vocabulary. The last body of works worked its way into his studio practice, informing

the rich materiality and musculature of my work — A perpetual striving and searching

that pushes the work against limits and convention. This current series of works is a

reflection of this moment – it vibrates the rhythm of a saturated capitalism society, our

post-logical era.

It is about focusing on the structure, discovering and molding pictorial forms

such as the language of traces for its own sake. 



B. 1989 in Paris (France)

Lives and works in New York



Hunter College, The City University of New York, MFA Studio Art - Concentration: Painting, 2017 - 2019

Central Saint Martins, BA Fine Art, 2012 - 2015

Central Saint Martins, Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, 2011 - 2012



_ 'The Origin of Who U Are Right Now' curated by Simon Ganshorn, Copenhagen, 2018 Upcoming

_ Fragments Of, The Blue Factory, London, 2015

_ Show One, Central Saint Martins - Degree Show, London, 2015

_ Magic Assemblage Magic Assembly, Translation, Petrie Museum, London, 2014

_ Proprioception, Lewisham Arthouse, London, 2013



Akoya Books,

Trust Magazine

Art Attack

Let’s Panic Magazine

The Culture Trip



Clyde & Co Art Prize - Shortlisted